Contingencies in a Real Estate Deal

Buying or selling a house is a big decision. Whether you are going through this process so you can find a home that you will live in, or you are purchasing or selling an investment property, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly. One of the things that can make a real estate deal a little more complicated is the use of contingencies. A contingency is a stipulation that allows either party to back out Read More

Attorneys & Start-Ups

Due to the industry’s popularity, many people have associated the term “entrepreneur” with tech companies. It can be anyone who wants to start a business. These are people who have passions they want to turn into careers—or even secondary ones.  Regardless of the size of your future business, entrepreneurs will likely develop plans to market a product or service, formulate ways in which to sell and produce them, Read More

The True Strength Of Succession Planning

There are some facets of the law that have a degree of crossover. For instance, business owners (small or large) may find themselves in need of an attorney who has a background in estate planning. Why? Because they will need to develop a business succession plan.  Not only is this the best thing for your business over the long term, but it is also critical for the people who rely on the business. Imagine if you, a Read More

Benefits Of Incorporating

It may be a mistake to think that your business is too small to consider becoming a corporation. When people think of one, they likely imagine large buildings, thousands of employees, and even multiple locations.  The question of whether to incorporate is not just for those companies. It applies to partnerships and sole proprietors as well. Even if you are at the earliest stages of a business and all you have is Read More

3 Ways To Avoid Litigation

Business owners need to maximize efficiency, especially in regards to time and money. Litigation can derail both of these things. There are the potential costs associated with litigation, including attorneys’ fees, and often what proves more essential is the time associated with resolving any dispute, whether by settlement or judicial determination.  Even if you win, you can never get back the time and effort that Read More

How To Buy A Home In A Hot Market

Though you would prefer to buy a home in a buyer’s market (when there are more houses available than buyers), sometimes you don’t have the option. You and your family might be relocating—or your lease is about to end on an apartment. These people may choose to put offers in to see if they can buy before opting into another year of renting.  Time & Preference It isn’t unreasonable to expect dozens or more Read More

How Your Business Pivots To Survive

Amazon began as an online bookstore. Blockbuster had an opportunity to purchase Netflix for $50 million and passed. And now Netflix is valued in the tens of billions. Two companies. One shifted its focus and became the internet’s largest company in the world. The latter is non-existent.  Businesses survive by adapting to conditions in the market. Entrepreneurs and business leaders know it as a pivot. As easy as it Read More

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & Your Future

People can quickly think that Chapter 7 bankruptcy (or personal bankruptcy) is the end. It isn’t. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking only about short-term solutions. You can overcome personal bankruptcy.  If you have filed for Chapter 7—or are about to—fight the urge to be anything but positive. The mistakes or circumstances of the past are only valuable if you use them to your advantage. Learn from them. Don’t Read More

Do I Need A Trust Or A Will?

The quick answer is that you need both. Each one is a powerful tool to be used towards protecting those closest to you—the people who will have to manage your estate. Why do you possibly need both? A will is effective when you pass away. And a living trust can be enacted and readied after it is created by you and your attorney.  Why You Should Create A Living Trust? When you establish a trust, you are Read More

How To Resolve Disputes With Your Tenants

As a landlord, you are likely accustomed to disagreements or disputes. Whether someone is refusing to vacate your property, actively destroying your something you own, refusing to pay their rent, or interprets their lease in a manner different from you, you must be skilled in conflict resolution.  Although going to court to resolve an issue often ends up being the only plausible option, it should not be your Read More