How Landlords Can Navigate Security Deposit Disputes

At Drucker & Mattia, PLLC, we handle a wide range of landlord-tenant disputes and have had the opportunity to represent both sides. Today, we will discuss security deposit disputes through the lens of the landlord, but the information we provide is also helpful to tenants. For example, what does a landlord have to give a tenant if they intend to keep the security deposit? The landlord must give the tenant an Read More

Joint Tenancy Doesn’t Eliminate The Need For Estate Planning

Consider a married couple who chooses to buy a home together. They go through the loan process together, sign the closing documents, and move into it together. Now imagine that neither conducts any degree of estate planning, but one passes away unexpectedly. The question that most people have is what happens to the home and the accompanying loan. Though each state’s laws surrounding this issue will not be identical, Read More

The Moment After You Realize You Are Getting Divorced

Though the expression that no one gets married to get divorced is overused, it still highlights a point. When you get married, you envision a future with your spouse. You take active steps to build and shape it by purchasing a home, acquiring assets, and saving for retirement. A divorce takes you off the path you were on, and it is unnerving. You begin to wonder where you will live and how often you will see your Read More

Protecting Your Business With A Buy-Sell Agreement

Although we have significant experience handling a wide range of business law issues, the attorneys at Drucker & Mattia, PLLC, draft wills, create trusts, and assist clients with estate planning. One of the most significant benefits of estate planning is that it allows you to be prepared for the future despite the inherent uncertainties of tomorrow. Why are we talking about estate planning when the blog is about Read More

How & Why You Should Combine A Power Of Attorney With Your Will

An estate plan is a collection of documents that your attorney selects. They choose each one based on how it protects you, your assets and preserves your estate. Your lawyer will not only look at the circumstances surrounding your life but will ask you what you want to get out of your estate plan. For instance, a young couple may come in because they want to choose a legal guardian for their children if they pass Read More

Issues & Solutions Regarding Titles In Real Estate

When people use the term “clear” title, they are talking about legal ownership. During the due diligence period of the home buying process, buyers will likely run a title search on the property they intend to buy. This is their time to correctly identify who owns the property. People either own their homes by themselves (sole ownership) or with other people (tenancy in common). Should a married couple own the house Read More

Buying & Selling A Business Through An Asset Or Stock Sale

Whether you plan on buying or selling a business, you need to be aware of the differences between an asset and a stock sale. An asset sale allows a buyer to acquire the company’s assets and liabilities, and a stock sale enables a buyer to purchase equity in the business by acquiring shares from one or more stockholders. It is important to remember that not all business entities have stock. For example, if you are Read More

The Importance of Updating Your Estate Plan After A Divorce

Revising your estate plan isn't usually the first thing on your mind during a divorce. You'll worry more about how marital property will be divided, how you will share custody, and whether spousal support will be part of the divorce settlement agreement. However, without making the necessary changes to your estate plan, your spouse could remain the beneficiary of your will and a fiduciary under your trust or power of Read More

Real Property & The Bundle Of Rights

The terms “real estate” and “real property” are often used interchangeably and incorrectly. When someone is discussing real estate, they are referring to: The land Natural improvements on the land Artificial improvements on the land  Imagine purchasing a single-family home that sits on multiple acres of land and has a small pond. When you buy real estate, you own the land, the home, and the pond. If you Read More

What A Living Will Can Do For You

Before we explain the importance of having a living will, we must first establish that we are not talking about a will. An estate planning attorney can help you create either document, but they perform two different functions. Your last will and testament is commonly referred to as “a will.” It is a legal document that declares how your assets will be distributed when you pass away.  A living will allows you to Read More