What You Need to Know About New and Evolving Programs in NYC

Things are changing rapidly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe. The Drucker & Mattia team is committed to serving our clients throughout this hectic time, as well as to providing NYC business owners and families important information that may be relevant to them. In today’s blog posts, we’re looking at a few different programs that the City and State are rolling out to provide relief for Read More

Four Signs Your Business Dispute is Headed for Litigation

If you have been in business for a while, you might be familiar with the foreboding feeling that comes with impending lawsuits. Other times, even the most seasoned business people get slapped with litigation they never saw coming. Although defending yourself against a lawsuit is never a desirable situation, being able to sense trouble before it strikes can give you time to prepare. Below are four signs that could Read More

Closing Costs Simplified

When you buy or sell real estate in New York, you’ll pay closing costs, which are transaction-related fees outside of the actual sale price. Both buyers and sellers are responsible for these costs, although the type and amount can vary by lender and the type of property involved (for example, house vs. condo). Standard New York Seller Closing Costs If you are the seller, you may be responsible for the following Read More

Understanding CAM

When you rent an office space for your business, the monthly rent is not the only cost that you will have to pay. In many cases, you are also required to pay for common area maintenance or CAM to cover costs associated with the building's shared parts such as elevators, lobby, and parking lot.  What is the Purpose of CAM? CAM fees require tenants to help cover the direct expenses of the property owner for Read More

The Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment Explained

You should feel at home in your apartment, thanks in part to the covenant of quiet enjoyment included in lease agreements. This clause defines your right to privacy in your apartment by ensuring a tenant’s right to use the rented premises for their intended purposes without the landlord or anyone else acting on his/her behalf and causing unnecessary disturbances. What Qualifies? There are several factors that Read More

4 Possible Foreclosure Defenses

Foreclosure is a legal process that requires a homeowner to return their house to a lender when they default on a mortgage. Historically, this process has favored banks and lenders, who typically have a thorough understanding of the legal aspect of foreclosure. However, a significant number of homeowners have begun to fight back over the last few years. Here are four ways people are doing it: 1. The foreclosing Read More

Wills vs. Trusts: Which Is Right for You?

Estate planning is essential for making sure that your wishes are respected after your death or if you are living but incapacitated. Two of the most talked-about estate planning tools are Wills and trusts. As you prepare to collaborate with a lawyer to create your plan, it’s important to understand the difference between these tools. A lawyer can help you decide which is right for you, but it is helpful to have a Read More

6 Tips for Handling an Eviction Properly

While eviction causes significant mental and financial stress for everyone involved, sometimes it’s necessary.  It may be the only way to resolve payment issues with a tenant, or you may simply need to recover your unregulated premises. Whether you’re the landlord or tenant in this situation, you can get through the eviction process smoothly with these tips. Tips for Landlords Document, Document, Read More

A Brief Overview of the Differences Between Corporations and LLCs

If you’re planning on starting your business, choosing the right business entity is essential. There are several options, including sole proprietorships, LLCs, and corporations. Many choose to go to the LLC or corporation route. While there are several key similarities between these business options, there are also several major differences that may help you make your final decision. Ownership The primary Read More