Attorneys & Start-Ups

Due to the industry’s popularity, many people have associated the term “entrepreneur” with tech companies. It can be anyone who wants to start a business. These are people who have passions they want to turn into careers—or even secondary ones. 

Regardless of the size of your future business, entrepreneurs will likely develop plans to market a product or service, formulate ways in which to sell and produce them, and they may even consider ways to secure financing through outside investors. 

Having a business law attorney from the onset is your way of ensuring that you are forming a reliable and legal foundation on which to build your company on top of. There are several key ways in which an attorney can be a valuable component of your start-up. 

Risk Management

Entrepreneurs get into business because of a passion, and in large part, it benefits them and the company if that is where their attention stays. There is a lot tied to it, however. For example, there are state and federal employment laws. The business’s founder can study, research, and implement the required standards, or they can consult with a business law attorney. 

In addition to employment laws and potential litigation, entrepreneurs isolate themselves from financial risk by protecting their intellectual property. This covers everything from the products they create to the name of their business. You must ensure that you are not infringing on others’ intellectual property, nor are they infringing on yours. 

Contracts, Entities, & Bylaws

There are many ways to structure your business. Each one has its advantages and drawbacks—all of which can be broken down and explained by the right attorney. An LLC is designed to limit your liability. You could find yourself needing an LLC operating agreement. Or what happens when you have additional investors or need to transfer ownership?

These things are as vital as they are time-consuming. Even if you have the bandwidth to take on these tasks, that doesn’t mean you have the experience to execute them correctly—and legally. Documents such as contracts can safeguard you when you deal with contractors, employees, and third-party vendors. However, they are only as strong as the person who drafts them. 

Drucker & Mattia, PLLC

If you own a business or plan to build one, contact Drucker & Mattia to schedule your free initial consultation. With over 35 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to create and maintain a strong business. Whether you require legal assistance with choosing a business entity or are looking to purchase an existing business, we can support you and your goals.

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