6 Tips for Handling an Eviction Properly

While eviction causes significant mental and financial stress for everyone involved, sometimes it’s necessary.  It may be the only way to resolve payment issues with a tenant, or you may simply need to recover your unregulated premises. Whether you’re the landlord or tenant in this situation, you can get through the eviction process smoothly with these tips.

Tips for Landlords
  1. Document, Document, Document

To meet the legal requirements for eviction, you have to have proof that the tenant has violated the lease. Keep track of complaints from other tenants, missed rent payments, bounced rent checks, or anything else that serves as evidence. Keep a running log of conversations with the tenant in question, including dates, times, and what was discussed.

  1. Review All Local Laws

Before you begin the eviction process, you should consult a lawyer with experience in landlord-tenant disputes. Failing to follow local laws during an eviction can cause your case to be thrown out of court, and you may even be left paying fines.

Tips for Tenants
  1. Request a Payment Plan

If you have been a good tenant and you’ve simply fallen on hard times, you may be able to avoid eviction if you can get your landlord to agree to a payment plan. Only edo this if you can actually keep up with the payment plan and make all payments on time moving forward.

  1. Make Plans for Your Belongings

Consider renting a storage unit to hold your belongings as you go through the eviction process, particularly if it will take you some time to find a new rental. Moving items out of the apartment early can save you some stress as you prepare to move out.

  1. Leave the Property in Good Condition

For some tenants facing eviction, there’s a tendency to leave the property dirty, full of clutter, or in need of major repairs. While you’re likely upset that you’re being evicted, do your best to leave the property clean and tidy. If the landlord has to hire cleaners, do major repairs because of damage you’ve caused, or dispose of large pieces of furniture, you may end up in further legal trouble if they take you to court.

If you’re facing legal troubles as a landlord or tenant, you don’t have to face them alone. Contact Drucker & Mattia, PLLC now to discuss your legal needs and options.

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